Digital AC Current Sensor is designed
to provide 3v3/GPIO digital output
by adjustable current-trip sensing transistor.

Depending on the size of th e toroidial core and the windings on L1
current detection/trip can be set as low as a wall thermostat,
or as large as a several horsepower motor.

There is no physical contact to the current carrying conductor.
Switching is achieved only by current flow through the toroidial core.
Voltage is irrelevant, this circuit only detects AC current

Download CurrentJan20.rrb CAD file HERE

This circuit was designed to be used as part of a PUMP SAVER project,
to disconnect power in the event of a DRY well, preventing motor damage
The 3 pins are straightforward: 3v3, -Ground and SENSE (digital GPIO/3v3)

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