EspANA is an 8 channel WiFi connected
Analog/Digital encoder PCB
With 4 independantly selectable input configurations:

1) Voltage Divider Network (up to 120VDC)
2) 2k2 pull-up for alarm loops and switches
3) Line-In audio 1.65V(p-p) AC
4) Direct- 3v3 for pots, joysticks and sensors (TMP36)

An MCP3208 (12 bit) or MCP3008 (10 bit) chip is used for digitization
Esp12-e WiFi microcontroller provides 2.5Ghz tranciever, RS232 and SPI bus
The MCP3208 communicates to the Esp12e via SPI bus.
Esp12e can communicate to a host using either WiFi or RS232
The Esp12-e can be programmed using the ArduinoIDE compiler with C++
Switching regulator provides solid 3v3 for all sensors and Esp12e

Download EspAnaWiFi7_2019.rrb CAD file HERE

Order EspAna7_2019.rrb kit of parts (less Esp12e) HERE