"WiFi Wurlitzer" 128 channel MIDI Instument Solenoid Driver

I've always wanted a Wurliter Theatre organ, but the console
is just too big, and the wiring is a nightmare.

I want to add Wurlitzer instuments: tibia, flute, trumpet, piano...
to my pallet of MIDI instruments. Wirelessly.

This circuit allows a standard MIDI keyboard
to control this MIDI remote 16 channel solenoid (or relay) driver
and an additional 7 boards daisy-chained via I2C bus.
MIDI keyboard is USB/MIDI computer connected, sending data via WiFi

Additional uses for WiFi Wurlitzer: "iChimes"
WiFi connected tuned set of 16 chimes (glockenspiel, bell, whatever)
triggered on any event you place in the device file, including:

Nurse Call, Emergency/Fire, sunrise, sunset, wake-up,
special event reminder, remote gate annunciator
Big Ben or grandfather clock chiming hourly/quarterly
Each event can have it's own unique song.

Download Wurlitzer7_19.rrb CAD file HERE

Use with or without Esp12-e (RasPi, MicroChip or Arduino I2C works)
I2C Bus In/Out Thru provided for use with any I2C source
Comms/chip logic can be controlled by 1 Master Esp12-e
Or an external RasPi or similar I2C bus microcontroller
Slave modules are addressed by 3-bits, A0-A2
Each PCB must have its own power supply rated for expected solenoid load
Supply/Solenoid voltage is +8 to 30vdc depending on requirements
Ribbon Cable is intended to connect instument-mounted solenoids

Order "WiFi MIDI Instument Driver" kit of parts from DigiKey HERE

Download Arduino HERE